Have you ever found yourself pondering in your heart: why am I stagnated in my relationships? Oftentimes we are faced with this issue while struggling to find ourselves, God’s purpose for us, as well as the companionship we desire. Many of us have faced harsh realities without a source to resort to. Well, the wait is over, here in “The Hunt” we will take a journey to discover what the scripture says about relationships and what we as a society may perceive them to be. In this book, I will also explore my own personal experiences with relationships.

I believe “The Hunt” is designed for individuals of every walk of life. Rather you’re aged, a teenager, in your 20s or 30s, adulting, single, engaged, married, or divorced, I believe that you will find this information reviving, enlightening and restoring. I encourage you to take this time and find out what YOU as an individual may need in a relationship as you embark upon your personal experience with β€œThe Hunt.”


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