Journalist Andre T. Johnson

Founder/Publisher & Editor In Chief, Making Headline News, Lancaster, TX

For someone who was afforded the luxury of editing Adrian Holmes’ book, I can great attest that this awe-inspiring written work is as good as advertised. To her distinctly unique credit, Adrian goes above and beyond to grasp the interest of her readers, many of whom I’m sure will come away blessed mightily by what undoubtedly is her personal dramatic comeback for the ages. Hats off to this beloved Georgia-based author whose book figures to be a massive --- and constant --- page turner!

Tiffany Gipson

OWNER/CEO, Creative Designs by TG, Lancaster, TX

Just from the excerpt alone, I was glued to this book. Adrian is a force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to indulge in the fullness of this book! Experience is the best teacher and I am glad that she was able to turn these experiences into a manual of "what to do going forward" for others.

Mrs. Florine C. Wilson


Upon receiving this email I was super excited to be apart of this great adventure. As I opened the email and began to read the book I realized I was hooked and  it was hard for me to put it down. I believe that this book will be one that will set the tone for our upcoming generation. This read was so informative and it captured my attention from the introduction. I strongly believe that this book can/will help enlighten individuals in whatever phase they are in their life. This book will be a resourceful guide to teenagers, young adults, singles, engaged, married, and the divorced individual. I think this guide will not only help the individuals prior to marriage/relationships , but can be used as a guide to assist married couples rekindle the fire that caused their hearts to be consumed with love. I can say that this book is a answered prayer for the churches/Pastors because we are often called to pray for families, marriage, relationships, and unions as a whole. Our desire is to build wholesome lasting relationships that stands the test of times and please the lord. I am overjoyed at what my ears and eyes have seen and heard and I can't wait to see how this book impacts the lives of all that behold it. May God bless, increase, set afire the hearts of each reader. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I have known Ms. Holmes all of her life and I'm honored to call her my daughter, my baby girl. She is a smart and intelligent young woman with and old soul. She has impeccable character and is a rare jewel. She is a praying woman, loves people and she always concerned about the well being of others. She has faced many obstacles in her life that where designed  to make her give up, I have watched her cry and travail, but I also watched God bring her out with a new strength. I must say I am blessed to be called her mother and see the great things that God is doing in her life. I say to my daughter, my 7th child, my baby girl, And new Author Mommy loves you and I am super proud of you. Now go and be the great author that God has called/created you to be.