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Who is Adrian J. Holmes? Let’s start at the beginning of it all. Adrian Holmes is a native of Jesup, Georgia. She currently resides in Brunswick, Georgia, where she has been a resident for more than two decades. Holmes is widely regarded as a nurturer and encourager to whomever she encountered and has become a fixture for always willing to lend a helping hand. She has lived a very interesting yet simple life. In her preteens, she was very shy yet vocal about the things, she deemed of importance. Adrian’s strong faith and walk with God landed her the attention of her leader as they began training her to become a Jr. warrior in her ministry. What is that you ask? A Jr warrior is young adult who took moral, standards, the word of God seriously while reaching others for the sake of Christ. At this point she was moving over into her teenage years, still shy, yet vocal, and settled with what she wanted to do in, and with her life. From then till this present moment, Adrian has been a force to be reckoned with, standing in her purpose, and motivating others to find theirs.

As it pertains to love and relationships, Adrian’s parents were her first example of a true love. She watched her father and mother tackle daily living while raising seven children, her being seven of seven. Their house was full of fussing amongst the children and reiterating amongst the parents. They may not have had it all together, but together they had it all. It was during her tenure in high school that her life changed forever. Adrian met her high school sweetheart and began to take her very own journey down love boulevard, only to realize if you don’t do things in God’s order you have a tendency to shipwreck. If you've ever experienced heartache like a first-time love break up, then you know exactly what hurt feels like. There is absolutely nothing that can take away that pain except for God and time.

Fast forward into the future of year 2005. It went something like this: man meets woman, he pursues her, they date, fall in love and get married, not knowing that beautiful love story would eventually turn into a horror movie that would sling them out of their seats. Yes, the marriage ended in divorce that left Adrian being a single parent, speechless, wanting answers, and hurting. She had lots of questions and asked God why her? Who would have ever thought her pains would reach the masses and change not only her life, but others lives and relationships forever. Isn't that just like God!?  Adrian can be transparent enough to say that she did bend and she  did break, but God saw fit to restore what the enemy though he could steal and that was her STRENGTH. This tragedy taught her  how to depend on God. This is when she began writing to express what she felt.

This trauma cultivated her, and caused her to become a woman of strength, courage, and wisdom. This caused her to triumph through some of the darkest most damaging moments of her life. “The Hunt” will help navigate you through love, life and relationship with a twist that will leave you wanting more. Read, learn and grow from a place in her dark truth while you are relived of you personal stressors and pain, just to find healing on the other side. Enjoy this great read, do the work of your past, gain the reward of healing for your future, then  pay it forward.

A 1998 graduate of Wayne County High School, Holmes furthered her education at Altamaha Technical College, where she received a degree in Master Cosmetology. While in college, Holmes amassed an impressive 3.5 GPA and was a member of Skills USA, during which she emerged as competition finalist.

In addition, she was a President’s list recipient throughout her college tenure, was a member of the National Technical Honors Society, thus eventually graduated with honors. Holmes operates in several capacities: the mother to one beautiful daughter, a licensed Co-Pastor of the Tabernacle Church in Brunswick, GA, a licensed Phlebotomist, Master Cosmetologist, owner and operator of The Designers Original Salon since 2014, and a first-time author.

Holmes’ notable hobbies include traveling, listening to music, cooking, relaxing, and spending quality time with her daughter, family, and friends.